Slabtown Brewer and Blogger Remy Champt

July 31, 2014
In this episode of Drink My Brewcast the crew heads over to the Slabtown district in Traverse City, rumor is that there is a basement brewery kicking out a ton of Belgium style beers. Well rumors are true! Remy Champt has been brewing beer with a kicking home brew set up for the last couple years and was blogging about it for a while. That blog has had to take some time off but Remy is still brewing up wonderful tasting beers consistently. We get to talk with Remy a former ship Captain, about the beer scene in Traverse City, as well as others he has visited through out the world.

We switch it up for the Brew For The Crew in this episode. We taste three different beers from Dark Horse Brewing Company, in Marshall, Michigan. We put the Edacsac Dekoore Eert, Ollopa Dekoore Eert, and FF Dekoorc Eert in the spotlight and compare the three beers.

This is an episode that takes us all around Traverse City, Michigan and highlights a true home brewer who has dreams of one day opening Slabtown Brewing Company. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions at all make sure you email us at

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