PGP Has A New Friend

July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July craft beer lovers, if your like us you’ll be celebrating with a cold White Hatter, Nicie Spicie, or Sky High Rye with a bunch of fighter jets flying over your head. One thing we will not be drinking is the Purple Gang Pilsner (Sorry Atwater) and this weeks Brew for the Crew might be hanging with PGP over the holiday weekend. 

The Honey Lav from Black Rocks Brewery is our Brew for the Crew this week, and although some liked the beer, Los Bob gave it a score so low it rivaled some of our worst rated beers. 
We do dive into a lot of good stuff this week and since Dan Crackel aka “The Ringer” called in and one this weeks trivia question we do have a new one! yay. Thanks for listening good people. We will be taking a week off next week because the Cherry Festival is upon us and we all have to work. Thats because we’re good at our jobs. Cheers!

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