Dan Hain of Fetch Brewing Company

January 20, 2016
After a nasty storm last week the crew got their lives back together and found themselves back in the studio for episode number 133. We're joined by co-host Chuck Green who is a member of the Northern Michigan Home Brewers Guild and he's also a hell of a pilot. 
Our Brew 4 The Crew sponsored by 7 Monks Taproom in downtown Traverse City and we're cranking it up a few notches because from here on out we'll be recording two beers on the show. One draft, and one bottled craft beer selected by Jason Kasdorf of 7 Monks Taproom. So stop into 7 Monks and ask for the "Brew 4 The Crew" and you'll receive a fancy Drink My Brewcast coaster that allows you to rate the beer as well. If we can actually decipher what your coaster says we'll read it on the show!
So we review the Founders Azacca IPA which is on draft, and well as the Forgas, which is a Scandinavian Gose Style Ale. Two fantastic beers that get great ratings and opinions from 7 Monks customers and these beers impress the crew as well. 
Drink My Brewcast is made possible by the Jolly Pumpkin on Old Mission Peninsula. One of the best drives you can make in Northern Michigan is up the peninsula to enjoy some of the best sour ales in the world, paired with some of the best food the area has to offer. Check out their location at www.Jollypumpkin.com/traversecity. 
Our guest on the show is Dan Hain who is the owner, and head brewer of Fetch Brewing Company in White Hall, Michigan. We don't know a lot about the small town of White Hall but it seems to be the perfect spot for a craft brewery. Dan gives us a history of the town and the building he and his wife set up operations in. They've got a ton of weekly events happening and the beer is getting great reviews from all across the state. Check them out a Fetchbrewing.com
We go on a rant and rave about a few things in our last segment during brew news. This time the dudes get in an argument about crawlers and speculate on a variety of topics in the craft brewing community. Shout out to www.craftbrewingbusiness.com who's been writing some fantastic articles lately. We highly recommend you read "When Breweries sue Breweries, fans think they're dicks. (Even when it's legit)" It's a great read and highly recommend you follow that blog. We don't know them we swear, we're just fans. 
Until next time craft beer enthusiasts, fill it to the brim and drink it to the drags, we appreciate you listening to Drink My Brewcast...CHEERS!
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