12 Beers of 2014 with 7 Monks Taproom

December 17, 2014

Thanks for listening to the final episode over 2014 and we are capping it off with our 12 best beers of the year according to Bob, Shaun, and Carly. Before we break down our 12 beers we stay consistent with our format and our Brew for the Crew is the Blacks Rocks North Third Stout. Blacks Rocks is a craft brewery in Marquette, Michigan which is gaining tons of momentum through out the Mid-West.

Matt Cozzens and Jason Kasdorf stop in from 7 Monks Taproom and bring us a wonderful gift. The 2009 Anchor Christmas Ale which the entire crew enjoys. 7 Monks talks about their 4th year of business and The Low Bar just celebrated their first year of business. The big event is the 12 Beers of Christmas taking place tonight December 17th. There will be numerous Christmas beers on tap tonight from breweries like Darkhorse, Great Lakes, Short'sStormcloud and many more...
Another event going on Monday December 29nd is the 4th annual Holiday Extravaganza at Short's Tap Takeover with rare beers like Dolly Dagger, Juicy Tree, Aphasia, and many more. 7 Monks will be updating the list of beers that will be on tap daily. 
Our Brew News today covers New Hollands new tasting room, the opening of Block Brewery in Howell, Michigan, and all of the events through out Traverse City. 
Top 12 Beers of 2014
12 Bob- New Holland, Poet Stout
12 Shaun- Humongous, Grizzly Peak
12 Carly- Oddside Ales, Lolly Catcher
11 Bob- Ferment, Momentary Concede
11 Shaun- Darkhorse Crooked Tree IPA
11 Carly-Leinenkugal, Uber Oktoberfest
10 Bob- Bell's, Best Brown
10 Shaun- New Holland, Paleooza
10 Carly- Darkhorse, Plead the Fifth
9 Bob- Oddside Ales, Black Citra Ale
9 Shaun- Short's, White Falcon
9 Carly- Goose Island, Matilda
8 Bob- Short's, Dan's Pink Skirt
8 Shaun- Bell's, Winter White Ale
8 Carly- New Holland, The Poet
7 Bob- Oddside Ales, Citra Pale Ale
7 Shaun- Griffin Claw, Norm's Raggidy Ass IPA
7 Carly- Ferment, Monkey Tail
6 Bob- Griffin Claw, Norm's Raggidy Ass IPA
6 Shaun- Jolly Pumpkin, Lucianaga
6 Carly- Duvel, 
5 Bob- Founders, Big Lushious
5 Shaun- Oddside Ales, Mayan Mocha Stout
5 Carly- Short's, Juicy Tree
4 Bob- Great Lakes Brewing Company, Chillwave IPA
4 Shaun- Keewanau, November Gale Pale Ale
4 Carly- Founders, Big Lushious
3 Bob- New Holland, White Hatter
3 Shaun- New Holland, The Poet
3 Carly- New Belgium, La Falie
2 Bob- Founders, Red Rye IPA
2 Shaun- Short's, Bonified Legit
2 Carly- New Glarius, Cranbrick
1 Bob- New Holland, Paleooza
1 Shaun- Jolly Pumpkin, Magraduga Stout
1 Carly- Brewery Ferment, Cranbrewetta
We will have all of these beers listed on our website as well www.drinkmybrewcast.com. We would love to hear about your top 12 list. You can always send us an audio message on our facebook page under the Speakpipe app, and you can email us Drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com.

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