12 Beers of 2014 with 7 Monks Taproom


Thanks for listening to the final episode over 2014 and we are capping it off with our 12 best beers of the year according to Bob, Shaun, and Carly. Before we break down our 12 beers we stay consistent with our format and our Brew for the Crew is the Blacks Rocks North Third Stout. Blacks Rocks is a craft brewery in Marquette, Michigan which is gaining tons of momentum through out the Mid-West.

Matt Cozzens and Jason Kasdorf stop in from 7 Monks Taproom and bring us a wonderful gift. The 2009 Anchor Christmas Ale which the entire crew enjoys. 7 Monks talks about their 4th year of business and The Low Bar just celebrated their first year of business. The big event is the 12 Beers of Christmas taking place tonight December 17th. There will be numerous Christmas beers on tap tonight from breweries like Darkhorse, Great Lakes, Short'sStormcloud and many more...
Another event going on Monday December 29nd is the 4th annual Holiday Extravaganza at Short's Tap Takeover with rare beers like Dolly Dagger, Juicy Tree, Aphasia, and many more. 7 Monks will be updating the list of beers that will be on tap daily. 
Our Brew News today covers New Hollands new tasting room, the opening of Block Brewery in Howell, Michigan, and all of the events through out Traverse City. 
Top 12 Beers of 2014
12 Bob- New Holland, Poet Stout
12 Shaun- Humongous, Grizzly Peak
12 Carly- Oddside Ales, Lolly Catcher
11 Bob- Ferment, Momentary Concede
11 Shaun- Darkhorse Crooked Tree IPA
11 Carly-Leinenkugal, Uber Oktoberfest
10 Bob- Bell's, Best Brown
10 Shaun- New Holland, Paleooza
10 Carly- Darkhorse, Plead the Fifth
9 Bob- Oddside Ales, Black Citra Ale
9 Shaun- Short's, White Falcon
9 Carly- Goose Island, Matilda
8 Bob- Short's, Dan's Pink Skirt
8 Shaun- Bell's, Winter White Ale
8 Carly- New Holland, The Poet
7 Bob- Oddside Ales, Citra Pale Ale
7 Shaun- Griffin Claw, Norm's Raggidy Ass IPA
7 Carly- Ferment, Monkey Tail
6 Bob- Griffin Claw, Norm's Raggidy Ass IPA
6 Shaun- Jolly Pumpkin, Lucianaga
6 Carly- Duvel, 
5 Bob- Founders, Big Lushious
5 Shaun- Oddside Ales, Mayan Mocha Stout
5 Carly- Short's, Juicy Tree
4 Bob- Great Lakes Brewing Company, Chillwave IPA
4 Shaun- Keewanau, November Gale Pale Ale
4 Carly- Founders, Big Lushious
3 Bob- New Holland, White Hatter
3 Shaun- New Holland, The Poet
3 Carly- New Belgium, La Falie
2 Bob- Founders, Red Rye IPA
2 Shaun- Short's, Bonified Legit
2 Carly- New Glarius, Cranbrick
1 Bob- New Holland, Paleooza
1 Shaun- Jolly Pumpkin, Magraduga Stout
1 Carly- Brewery Ferment, Cranbrewetta
We will have all of these beers listed on our website as well www.drinkmybrewcast.com. We would love to hear about your top 12 list. You can always send us an audio message on our facebook page under the Speakpipe app, and you can email us Drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com.
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Tom Buchanan of Jamesport Brewing Company


We are happy to have Shauny Boy back in studio to talk craft beer in Northern Michigan. Our brew for the crew today is the 4 Elf Winter Warming Ale from Darkhorse Brewing Company. The beer gets quite a reaction from our crew and it's the first Christmas themed beer we are reviewing in 2014. 

Our interview is with Tom Buchanan of Jamesport Brewing Company in Ludington. Jamesport has been a staple in Ludington and one of the longest running craft breweries in Northern Michigan. We highly recommend you check out their venue because the food along with their beer is fantastic. You can find them attending the Winter Beer Festival in Grand Rapids which is coming up here quickly on...
Our music today is from the talented band The Crave Wives who will be performing at Rare Bird Brewpub on December 20th for "A Very Rare'y Christmas Party" along with Brady Corcoran and The Sweater Party. The songs you'll hear are "Easier" and "Icarus" which are available on Itunes and www.thecranewives.com.
You can find our show at www.drinkmybrewcast.com, like us on Facebook, Follow at Twitter, and subscribe on Itunes or Stitcher Radio. 
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Scott Isham of Harper’s Brew Pub


We're back from a week off and missing Shauny Boy this week but we are pulling through and talking to Scott Isham, Head brewer of Harper's in East Lansing. But first we kick the show off with our brew for the crew which is The Big Lushious Stout from Founders Brewing Company. It clocks in at 7.4 ABV and it's Chocolate Raspberry Stout. Lushious is a brand new beer from Founders and we're hoping it stands up to KBS, Backwoods Bastard, and many more of their wonderful beers. Just a teaser, Bob and Carly absolutely love this beer. 

We track down Scott Isham via Skype and even though Harpers is a staple in East Lansing, Michigan it's not a brewery that present through out the entire state of Michigan. Harpers does not distribute nor does it attend any festivals so they only way you can try a Spartan Wheat is by ordering one from the bar. 
In our brew news today Carly talks about all the events going on over at Brewery Ferment for the upcoming Ladies night which takes place on December 11th in Traverse City, and Mens night which is taking place December 18th. 
Rare Bird is holding a "Very Rare-y Christmas Party" on December 20th with live music from Brady Corcoran and the Sweater Party, and The Crane Wives. 2 Bays Djays will be wrapping up the night with some real party music, I'm talking boots and pants type shit. Seriously you should go.
We appreciate you the listener for spreading the word about Drink My Brewcast, your feedback drives us and you can always communicate with us via Facebook, Twitter, and our email at drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com.
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Drink My Short’s


It was great to get back in the studio today and talk good beer! Unfortunately we had to move our interviews to another day due to the now stop heap of snow we have been enduring here in Michigan, but we made the best of the show either way. We do have an interview for you to check out, and for once the crew was on the other side of the mic. The crew stopped by The Bear to chat with the Brew Crew and let those guys know what we are all about. Check out the interview at www.rock105.fm.
Los Bob brought in 8 different Short's Brewery Beers into the studio and the crew discusses their favorite Short's release out of that group. Make sure you grab the same beers and let us know what you think of them at Drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com.


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Northport Brewing Company in Studio


It's the first snow here in Traverse City so we reached out to the town that gets more snow than us! Scott Cain and Collin Guadard from Northport Brewing Company join us in studio about opening the first microbrewery at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula. Northport Brewing company opened up in the last week of June 2014 and Scott and Collin reflect on a rocking summer and hope to carry that momentum into the winter. 

Today's Brew for the Crew is the Bells Winter White out of 16 oz cans! This is a seasonal beer and only sold in the winter. This is a wit beer and one of Carly's favorite styles.
Tonight at Brewery Ferment we are hosting Beer Trivia for Traverse City Beer Week. This is an opportunity for you to come out and meet the crew of Drink My Brewcast and listen to some of our favorite episodes, talk beer, and give each other a hard time. 
We have a new trivia this question this week and he wins another $10 gift card to North Peak Brewing Company. You always have a chance to win if you answer the trivia question using out speakpipe app on our facebook page. 
We want to thank Scott and Collin for coming in studio and we encourage you Michiganders to head up to Northport and check them out. 
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Dan Young of Tandem Ciders


Drink My Brewcast is back in action after a week off, and we are stoked to have owner of Tandem Ciders Dan Young in studio. Dan brings in a variety of ciders to cover and you can check them out here. 

You can purchase Tandem Ciders at these retailers
Dan talks about the Michigan Cider Initiative and you can find more information about them here
Having Dan in studio was fantastic and break down the apple orchards locally and nationally was extremely educational. We highly recommend you take a trip up the M-22 Just past Suttons bay and visit Tandem Ciders. It's a beautiful venue and a great place to bring a sack lunch and enjoy a delicious cider. 
Our Brew for the Crew this week is the How Now Brown Cow from Odd Side Ales out of Grand Haven. Were big fans of Odd Side and this beer seems appropriate since fall is coming down on us hard. 
We want to thank Mountain Standard Time from Boulder, CO for providing the music for this episode. They just release a new album called "Highway Lines" and you can download it for free here
You'll hear the songs "Eat My Shorts", "PS*", and "Simple Summer Nights". 
Our beer news highlights the first ever Traverse City IPA Challenge is going on Thursday, November 5th featuring to collaborations between Rare Bird Brewpub and Brewery Terra Firma as well as Mackinaw Brewpub and Beggars Brewery. The other competitors are Brewery Ferment, The Workshop Brewing Company, North Peak Brewing Company, The Old Mission Jolly Pumpkin, The Filling Station Microbrewery, Right Brain Brewery, and Bravo Zulu Brewing. 
Carly's Cuisine is back and she gets her paring from the Beeroness and you can find her at www.beeraness.com. Today's paring is inspired by the recent Halloween extravaganza and Carly pairs seven candy's with seven different beers. 
Please visit our website www.drinkmybrewcast.com for past shows, and show notes. We will be doing a live event for Traverse City Beer Week on November 12th at 7pm. If you are in Traverse City that night come visit us!
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Pete Kirkwood of The Workshop Brewing Company


Eighty one episodes in the books and we have finally gotten Pete Kirkwood in studio! Pete is the real deal and it was great to have him on the show to talk craft beer. Pete is the founder of The Workshop Brewing Company which is located in the warehouse district of Traverse City. Pete talks about the obstacles that the Workshop has faced since opening up in the summer of 2013 and working side by side with brewer Cory Wentworth. 

Our Brew for the Crew is the Round Barn Brewery Kolsch Style Ale, which throws the brewtenders for a loop. Shauny Boy gives an unexpected growl, Carly dishes out some tasty pumpkin bars, and Bob buys a king size bed.

Lots happening in this episode of Drink My Brewcast and you can always email us your comments at drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com

Show Notes

00:10:25 Brew for the Crew
00:23:00 Interview with Pete Kirkwood
00:56:49 Brew News
01:09:30 Trivia made possible by North Peak Brewing Company
01:12:20 Carly's Cuisine

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Bryan Ulbrich of Left Foot Charley


Bryan Ulbrich of Left Foot Charley swings by and brings some amazing ciders for us to try! There isn't a better time of year to drink cider than the fall, and Bryan fills our brains with tons of Left Foot Charley knowledge. Find more out at www.Leftfootcharley.com. They have a great event coming up for Halloween so make sure to check it out!
It's the Centurions Birthday week so we have him join us on the show for a few laughs!
We finally try the Cocoa Porter from Kentucky and the Brew 4 the Crew for the show is the Humongous from North Peak Brewing Company, so make sure to grab a bottle from your local beer store.
Thank you all for listening and make sure to send us any feedback at Drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com

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Matt Therrien of Lake Ann Brewing Co.


"Beer Tastes Good Today!" And that's how are show starts today, and it couldn't be more true. Matt Therrien, Head Brewer and Owner of Lake Ann Brewing Company, made the short but beautiful trip from Lake Ann to our studio today! We get to pick Matt's brain about Lake Ann Brewing Company and what we can look forward to seeing out of his business in the future. The crew talks a bit about the brewery stops they made with their week off and also some of the tasty beers they've been enjoying.
The Brew 4 the Crew today is the Arbor Brewing Company Violin Monster, which is an Autumn Ale.
Rootstand has some great songs for you to enjoy during intermissions.
There is a new trivia question this week, so make sure to send in your answer using the Speak Pipe App. and win yourself 10$ to North Peak Brewing Company.
Email the show at Drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Let us know what you've been drinking and if you have a beer you would like us to rate during the Brew 4 the Crew!

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An Oktoberfest Quest


Drink My Brewcast dissects some of this years favorite Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers. Los Bob, Shauny Boy and Carly (Rainbow) Anderson rate and review them for all of us to enjoy. It's always fun when Shauny Boy shows up to the studio and says "I can't drink a lot guys, I've got a lot on my plate today" and then we feed him five different beers to rate and review.
This episodes Brew 4 the Crew was Great Lakes Brewing Company's Oktoberfest. The five beers we tasted for our Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Ale segment were Atwater Bloktoberfest, Short's Noble Chaos, Big Eddy Uber - Oktoberfest, Arcadia Ales Jaw Jacker, and New Holland's Ichabod. Let us know what Oktoberfest or Pumpkin Ales are your favorite this time of year!

Music by Mountain Standard Time! Check them out at www.mstband.com

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The Hop Lot in Suttons Bay


We decide to hit the old dusty trail and head out to Suttons Bay to check out Hop Lot Brewing Company. They are still in the middle of construction, but it was awesome to see where they were at and hear all about their vision for the brewery. Thanks to Steve Lutke, Drew Lutke, and Luke Johnson for giving us a tour of their property and future brewery! We are excited to see what Hop Lot brings to the table in their future and get to try some of their beer.
The Brew 4 the Crew is the Cheboygan Brewing Company's Oktoberfest, so make sure to grab a bottle and try it with us!
Check out www.hoplotbrewing.com

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Mike Dwyer of Mackinaw Brew Pub Returns!


We want to thank Mike Dwyer, head brewer at Mackinaw Brewing Company here in Traverse City, for swinging by the studio and chatting with us in our latest episode. Always great fun to catch up with Mike, and he was kind enough to bring us an IPA to try. This episodes Brew 4 the Crew is the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest, and we will be doing all Oktoberfest styles for the month of September. Make sure you get out to your local beer store and pick up the Brew 4 the Crew and try it with us while you listen. Special guest Pauly Jams swings by the studio and we share a few laughs. Hope you guys enjoy this high energy episode and make sure to email us with any questions or comments at drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com.

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20014 T.C. Microbrew and Music Festival


We got a lot of great interviews at the Microbrew and Music Festival this past weekend and can’t wait to share them with you. The festival takes place right in our back yard and we would like to thank Porterhouse Productions for giving us access to all the brewers at the brewers tent. We are attaching more show notes throughout the day!
It was our pleasure to sit down with so many brewers and brewery representatives, including Odd Side Ales, Rockford Brewing Company, Latitude 42, and many more. We look forward to getting these guys back in the studio so we can really spend some time getting to know them and learn all about their breweries. Looking forward to attending the winter festival, but until then we are going to enjoy the beautiful fall season coming up!

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Mike Wooster of the Jolly Pumpkin


Mike Wooster from the Jolly Pumpkin stops in to chat beer and business with us. Unfortunately Shauny Boy had to miss this episode, but Los Bob and Carly had no problem picking up his slack. The Brew 4 the Crew is Shorts Brew Wit Happens, and Moranimal tastes and rates the beer with us. Los Bob and Moranimal sing a new version of a Brew News Intro... which you might want to skip for your own good! We talk about upcoming festivals and we definitely have a blast in the studio today. Let us know what you think!

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Beggars Fest at The Little Fleet!


It's time to hit the road and head out to Beggar's Brewery's brewing facility, which we haven't had a chance to see yet. Mike Rizik has been kind enough to invite us out to tour his place, and let us try some more of his tasty beer! It's always great catching up with him, and we get a sneak peak of some of his ideas for a tasting room in the future.
The Summer Microbrew and Music Festival is quickly approaching, so we make sure to keep you updated on that. And in good spirit, we not only did a Trivia question for 25$ to North Peak Brewing Company, we also are giving away two tickets to The Summer Microbrew and Music Festival. make sure to call in using our SpeakPipe App. Also, make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you can stay up to date on all the latest Drink My Brewcast stuff.
Make sure to grab a bottle of Founder's Dissenter IPL for the Brew 4 the Crew today! You'll find it in the 750mL bottle section.

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