Mike Dwyer of Mackinaw Brew Pub Returns!


We want to thank Mike Dwyer, head brewer at Mackinaw Brewing Company here in Traverse City, for swinging by the studio and chatting with us in our latest episode. Always great fun to catch up with Mike, and he was kind enough to bring us an IPA to try. This episodes Brew 4 the Crew is the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest, and we will be doing all Oktoberfest styles for the month of September. Make sure you get out to your local beer store and pick up the Brew 4 the Crew and try it with us while you listen. Special guest Pauly Jams swings by the studio and we share a few laughs. Hope you guys enjoy this high energy episode and make sure to email us with any questions or comments at drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com.

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20014 T.C. Microbrew and Music Festival


We got a lot of great interviews at the Microbrew and Music Festival this past weekend and can’t wait to share them with you. The festival takes place right in our back yard and we would like to thank Porterhouse Productions for giving us access to all the brewers at the brewers tent. We are attaching more show notes throughout the day!
It was our pleasure to sit down with so many brewers and brewery representatives, including Odd Side Ales, Rockford Brewing Company, Latitude 42, and many more. We look forward to getting these guys back in the studio so we can really spend some time getting to know them and learn all about their breweries. Looking forward to attending the winter festival, but until then we are going to enjoy the beautiful fall season coming up!

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Mike Wooster of the Jolly Pumpkin


Mike Wooster from the Jolly Pumpkin stops in to chat beer and business with us. Unfortunately Shauny Boy had to miss this episode, but Los Bob and Carly had no problem picking up his slack. The Brew 4 the Crew is Shorts Brew Wit Happens, and Moranimal tastes and rates the beer with us. Los Bob and Moranimal sing a new version of a Brew News Intro... which you might want to skip for your own good! We talk about upcoming festivals and we definitely have a blast in the studio today. Let us know what you think!

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Beggars Fest at The Little Fleet!


It's time to hit the road and head out to Beggar's Brewery's brewing facility, which we haven't had a chance to see yet. Mike Rizik has been kind enough to invite us out to tour his place, and let us try some more of his tasty beer! It's always great catching up with him, and we get a sneak peak of some of his ideas for a tasting room in the future.
The Summer Microbrew and Music Festival is quickly approaching, so we make sure to keep you updated on that. And in good spirit, we not only did a Trivia question for 25$ to North Peak Brewing Company, we also are giving away two tickets to The Summer Microbrew and Music Festival. make sure to call in using our SpeakPipe App. Also, make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you can stay up to date on all the latest Drink My Brewcast stuff.
Make sure to grab a bottle of Founder's Dissenter IPL for the Brew 4 the Crew today! You'll find it in the 750mL bottle section.

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Slabtown Brewer and Blogger Remy Champt


The Crew gets out of the studio today and heads over to Remy Champts pad in the Slabtown area of Traverse City and checks out his home brew set up. We hung out in Remy's kick back lounge and drank a few of his home brew beers on draft while we told stories and got the down low on Remy's love for homebrewing. Also, we switch it up for the Brew 4 the Crew and decide to compare three different beers from Dark Horse Brewing Company. Each beer is a similar style, but features a different hop. Make sure to grab the Edacsac Dekoorc Eert, Ollopa Dekoorc Eert, and FF Dekoorc Eert and compare them with us! If you have any questions or comments for us, which we love, make sure to email us at Drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com 


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Matt Ross of Dune Dash, TC Zombie Run


We mix it up a little bit this week and talk some local northern Michigan events with Matt Ross who is the Race Director for the upcoming Dune Dash and the TC Zombie Run which takes place in the fall. Matt is also an avid home brewer when he gets some free time. You can find more information about these events via the links provided.

Our Brew for the crew this week is the New Holland Black Tulip Triple Ale, which is part of New Hollands High Gravity Series.
We take a break from our normal segments this week but have no fear, they will be back next episode. We appreciate all you listeners out there and hope to hear from you at drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com.

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Arbor Brewing Company’s Matt Greff


We are lucky to have Matt Greff Proprietor of Arbor Brewing Company in studio for Episode numero 70! We will have more info and back links in a few hours. Cheers! you crazy craft beer loving folk. 

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PGP Has A New Friend


Happy 4th of July craft beer lovers, if your like us you’ll be celebrating with a cold White Hatter, Nicie Spicie, or Sky High Rye with a bunch of fighter jets flying over your head. One thing we will not be drinking is the Purple Gang Pilsner (Sorry Atwater) and this weeks Brew for the Crew might be hanging with PGP over the holiday weekend. 

The Honey Lav from Black Rocks Brewery is our Brew for the Crew this week, and although some liked the beer, Los Bob gave it a score so low it rivaled some of our worst rated beers. 
We do dive into a lot of good stuff this week and since Dan Crackel aka “The Ringer” called in and one this weeks trivia question we do have a new one! yay. Thanks for listening good people. We will be taking a week off next week because the Cherry Festival is upon us and we all have to work. Thats because we’re good at our jobs. Cheers!
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The Return of Dave Hale


We are very excited to invite back Dave Hale the head brewer at North Peak Brewing Company in Traverse City. Dave has been a supporter from the very beginning and stops by to talk some brewing, and we were lucky to try some of his new creations. 

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Mountain Town Brewing Company


We get a chance to talk to the head brewer of Mountain Town Brewing Company formally known as Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company, Kim Kowalski. We have more information to add to these show notes and will be adding it over the next few hours. Enjoy the episode!

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Josh Gordon from Odd Side Ales


We are very excited to be back from a weeks vacation and behind the microphones. Today we conduct our first Skype interview with Josh Gordon, head brewer of Odd Side Ales in Grand Haven, MI.

Our Brew for the Crew is the Odd Side Ales Lolly Catcher. All our regular segments return and we have a new trivia winner this week. 
Thanks for listening and you can always find more at www.drinkmybrewcast.com


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Nonsense Homebrewing


Glen, Steve, and Ryan aka "The Dude Bro's" as Shauny Calls them, (which they are not) come in studio to discuss the home brews they passed to Shauny at North Peak a few weeks back. All around good guys and they even sat in and did the brew for the crew with us. We have a lot more information coming to these show notes.

Thanks for checking out Drink My Brewcast!

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Northern Michigan Home Brewers Guild


Hello fan of craft beer and all things not Cleveland! That's right we, and every other Detroit Pistons fan hates Cleveland right now. We bring in Carey, president of the Northern Michigan Home Brewers Guild and also fine employee over at Bad Teacher Brewing Supply. He gives us the dish on the guild and has some experience with craft beer through out the country.

More info coming soon so if you're really into show notes you're going to want to come back and check these out.

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Bravo Zulu in Studio


We are joined by Head Brewer of Bravo Zulu, Matt Rosinski. More show notes will be added to this episode soon but you can find more information about Bravo Zulu at www.bravozulubrewing.com and www.drinkmybrewcast.com

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Ben Darcie from Brewery Vivant


We are back in the studio after taking a week off to relax, drink a few new brews, and get some fine photos of the crew in banana hammocks. You'll have to wait a few weeks to see those, but during our time off Bob met Ben Darcie at the Imperial Beverage Show right here in Traverse City. Ben is a Wandering Monk for Brewery Vivant, one of our favorite Grand Rapids breweries. Ben is one interesting dude with a hell of a back story. He loves beer and has a lot of great resources to help one who wants to learn about craft beer.

Our Brew for the Crew brought to you by the Beverage Company is the Cocoa Loco from Arcadia Ales. It's a triple chocolate stout which always fun to throw at Los Bob because well... Bob hates chocolate, but that's why we love him.

Carly smacks us with a great Carly's Cuisine segment, Bob breaks down the Final Four of the Brew Bracket, and Shauny Boy loves the mushroom festival in Mesick. We always appreciate you tuning into Drink My Brewcast and hope you get in touch with us through our speakpipe app on facebook and email at drinkmybrewcast@icloud.com

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