Nate Peck of Tapistry Brew

July 1, 2015

Welcome back to another riveting episode of Drink My Brewcast. The podcast that gives you the bartenders perspective of the craft beer industry. Today is a day of change people, if you listened closely to last weeks show you heard that Carly is moving to Texas! Although she will still be on the show from time to time we will miss her. So that means Los Bob and Shauny boy are holding down the show along with a few celebrity guest hosts.

We are excited to announce that all episodes in the month of July are brought to you by Bastone Brewery, located at 419 S. Main Street in Royal Oak, Michigan. Bastone is a highly acclaimed brewery and their head brewmaster Rockney Van Meter is one of the most respected craft brewers through out the country. Right now they have some great specialty menus being served up in the month of July included a Tequilla Dinner on July 8th. Check out for more information.

Our 7 Monks Taproom "Brew For The Crew" is the 1554 Black Lager from New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. New Belgium is one of the largest Craft Breweries in the U.S. and is home to the Fat Tire Amber Ale, as well as many more award winning craft beers.

Sitting in the guest chair today is Nate Peck who is the Head Brewer at Tapistry Brewery in Bridgman, Michigan. Tapistry is now canning their beer through the mobile canning company as well as bottling through a mobile bottling company. Nate Peck loves brewing up wild ales and sour beers but his team has hit a home run with The Peck Porter. In this interview you'll hear the story behind the head brewer, but we did find a great article from about the owners Greg Korson, and Joe Rudnick that you can read here....MLive article on Tapistry.

Tapistry is celebrating their 2 year anniversary party on July 18th and they are re-releasing a double IPA called Heart Full of Napalm which is their most popular IPA as well some barrel aged beers. Congratulations to Tapistry!

Music in this episode is provided by AOK music out of Grand Rapids. Thank you to Kyle and Angela for giving us permission to use the songs "The Life" and "Sinking Faster". You can find their music at

We would like to congratulate our Drink My Brewcast Craft Beer Trivia, sponsored by North Peak Brewing Company

And our winner is non other than Dan Crackel, who is swimming in North Peak gift cards. SOMEONE challenge this guy! We do have a new trivia question this week but you've got to listen to the show in order play!

Drink My Brewcast is recorded, edited, and produced by Quarter After Productions in Traverse City, Michigan. Episode 111 was produced by Jonny "The Wolf" Tornga.

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Sam Oswald of Midland Brewing Company

June 23, 2015

Drink My Brewcast returns to the studio after Bob and Stef celebrated the birth of their first baby boy Jacob Lee Miller! Congratulations to them and we welcome Jacob to the Drink My Brewcast family. 

Our 7 Monks Taproom "Brew For The Crew" comes from The Crowler which is a canned version of the growler. The Great Lakes Brewing Company's "Lawn Seat" finds itself under the knife today. This beer is a Kolsch and it on tap right now down at 7 Monks Taproom. Make sure you ask about the Brew For The Crew beer and 7 Monks will give you a coaster that allows you to rate the beer and they'll hand it to us to read your comments on the show!

Our interview today is with Sam Oswald who is the head brewer of Midland Brewing Company, which is located in Midland, Michigan of course. Midland Brewing Company officially began over a conversation at a Detroit Pistons game in 2009 between owners Pete Hayes and Keith Lawerence. Sam Oswald worked his way from being a home brewer to his the bartender at Midland Brewing Company, and now he's brewing the beers! 

Midland Brewing Company holds five flag ship beers, three seasonal beers, and some limited addition "pub only" brews. You can check out the list here....Midland Brewing Company Beers.

Brew News is back and Los Bob is talking about everything from Greenbush Tap Take over going on at 7 Monks taproom on July 16h. Short's Fest is scheduled for Saturday  August 8th. Bell's Brewery is releasing canned 12 packs of Oberon and Two Hearted this September. 

Arcadia Ales and One Well brewing will be joining forces to brew a collaboration beer called "Collaboration Nature Ale". The release party will be happening on Saturday July 18th, 2015. Mackinaw Brewing Company is releasing their summer wheat beer "Summer Love", brewed with a touch of local honey is now available on tap in downtown Traverse City. 

Brewery Ferment has officially opened up their outdoor patio seating and we highly recommend you head down, visit Carly, and taste some new brews. 
Our Drink My Brewcast Trivia Question sponsored by North Peak Brewing Company. You can always answer this question via Speakpipe on our Facebook page. You'll have until Monday to answer this question or we take it to the Facebook post. You have to listen to the show if you want to hear the question and the winner will receive a $25 gift card to North Peak Brewing Company. 

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Live at 7 Monks Taproom Part 2

June 18, 2015

This is the second part of a 2 part series recorded live at 7 Monks Taproom in Traverse City on May 12, 2105 in support of American Craft Beer week. 

We interview Lance Hill co-owner of High Five Threads, Josh Misch of Stone Brewing, Brian Tennis of the Michigan Hop Alliance, and Jason Spaulding owner of Brewery Vivant
These are some very candid interviews, and some of best we've had on the show. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. 
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Live at 7 Monks Taproom Part 1

June 16, 2015

Well it's official, Los Jacob has been born! Congratulations to Bob and Stef and we're excited to welcome Los Jacob to the Drink My Brewcast family. We are celebrating by releasing a few live episodes we have in the archives. We recorded a live show on Tuesday May 12th to promote our Brew For The Crew Segment down at 7 Monks Taproom. Los Bob, Carly, Moranimal, and the Centurion host this show and of course 7 Monks is the sponsor of the Brew for the Crew. In this episode we rate the Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca. 

Part 1 we have some great guest stop by the show. Megan Glunz who heads up marketing for the Jolly Pumpkin on Old Mission Peninsula. She talks about some upcoming releases for the Jolly Pumpkin and some events coming up over the summer. 
General Manager of 7 Monks Taproom Jason Kasdorf and co-owner of Create T.C. joins to crew to rate the Calabaza Blanca live and read the ratings from those who rated the beers on their 7 Monks Coasters. We took those coasters and raffled off a pair of Beats By Dre Premium Beats Headphones. We want to congratulate Eric Tranchell for winning those bad boys. 
We got a lot more coming up in Part 2 as far as interviews go so stay tuned. We'll be joined by Lance Hill co-owner of High Five Threads, Josh Misch of Stone Brewing, Brian Tennis of the Michigan Hop Alliance, and Jason Spaulding owner of Brewery Vivant
We hope you enjoy part 1 and stay tuned for part 2!
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Marc Buttera of O’So Brewery

June 2, 2015

Welcome to a out of state version of the Drink My Brewcast show. Today we are talking to owner of O'So Brewery in Plover, Wisconsin. This is one of Carly's favorite breweries and we thought it was about time to give our lady a little shout out by having Marc Buttera on the show. He joins us via Skype and it was a pleasure having him. 

Our 7 Monks Brew For The Crew is from Stone Brewery in the golden state of California, and it's the Ruination 2.0. We got a lot of great comments for those who filled out coasters down at 7 Monks Tap room on Monday night and the crew really enjoys this beer. You'll hear from Stone Brewing in an upcoming episode that we recorded Live at 7 Monks during American Craft Beer week. 
Los Bob reveals the winners of the 2015 Drink My Brewcast Brew Bracket. You'll have to listen our check out facebook page to see the winners. It was a close match in the final and a beer that's near and dear to all of our hearts here in Traverse City brings home the win. 
If you have any comments or questions please shoot us an email at We appreciate all you great listeners and hope to you enjoy this episode....CHEERS!
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Jake Britton of New Holland Brew Co.

May 26, 2015

Los Bob is back in the host chair with Shauny Boy, and Moranimal fills in for Carly this week. Things are always in flux in the summer time with the brewcast crew especially with summer kicking off this past weekend. 

Our 7 Monks Taproom Brew For The Crew is the Griffin Claw Grand Trunk Pilsner which is on tap right now at 7 Monks in downtown Traverse City. It's a must try for the Pilsner lover and is getting great reviews from those who rate the beer on their "Brew For The Crew" coaster. 
Our interview today is with the Northern Michigan Ambassador from New Holland Brewing Company Mr. Jake Britton. New Holland is rolling out the Mad Hatter 2.0 and the revamp is more than welcome. This IPA has significantly improved with the additions of some new hop varieties and we can't wait to pick up a six pack. 
Tina Schuett won the North Peak Craft Beer Trivia question which was...Before Andy Largent became the Head Brewer at The Filling Station Microbrewery he worked and brewed at four different Northern Michigan Craft Breweries...What were those breweries? 
The answer is North Peak Brewing Company, Stormcloud Brewing Company, The Workshop Brewing Company, and Right Brain Brewery. 
Tina wins a $25 gift card to North Peak Brewing Company! Congratulations Tina. 
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Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout

May 19, 2015

This is an episode dedicated to our 7 Monks Brew 4 The Crew and our North Peak Craft Beer Trivia Question. Moranimal fills in for Los Bob who is on BABY WATCH 2015, while Shauny and Carly talk about all that is going on Memorial day weekend in Traverse City, MI.

Our 7 Monks Brew 4 The Crew is the Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout which is getting rave reviews over at 7 Monks and we're excited to get into it.

Our North Peak Beer Trivia is alive and kicking and it's a question based around our good friend and brewer at The Filling Station Microbrewery Andy Largent.

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Robert Creighton of The Shed Brewing Co.

May 14, 2015

It's time to Drink My Brewcast craft beer lovers with your host Los Bob, Shauny Boy, and Carly. In this episode our 7 Monks Taproom "Brew 4 The Crew" is the Manitou Amber Ale from Brewery Terra Firma, who just released this classic Michigan Beer in cans. The beer was originally brewed at Traverse Brewing Company in Williamsburg by brewer John Neidermaier.

Our guest on the show is the esteemed brewer Robert Creighton. Robert is opening up The Shed Brewer in Ontario, Canada and gives us a great perspective on the Canadian Craft Beer scene. He started in the beer industry working for Labatt's 1989 and has all over the great beer making country of Canada, being our neighbor on the border he's also has some great insight on the Michigan Craft Beer Scene.

We round out the show talking Carly's Cuisine, a little Brew News, and even throw out some support for Joshua Davis on The Voice. We wish him the best of luck as he competes in this weeks finals.

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Steve Buszka of Frankenmuth Brewery

May 6, 2015

In this episode of Drink My Brewcast, we talk to brewmaster Steve Buszka of Frankenmuth Brewery and our 7 Monks Taproom "Brew 4 the Crew" is the Tenebrous Black RyePA from Destihl Brewery.

This episode of Drink My Brewcast is brought to you by The Jolly Pumpkin on Old Mission Peninsula. More information on this episode coming soon!
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American Brewers Inc. and Food Baby

April 30, 2015

On this episode of Drink My Brewcast we bring you two guests! We're moving up in the world. Despite all that has gone wrong with the Brewtenders this week they pull it together and put together a heck of a show. They overcame water pump breaks, the crud, website hacks, and much much more.

Our 7 Monks Brew for the Crew is the "Old Friends Pale Ale" from Beggars Brewery in Traverse City. It got some great ratings from the good people who filled out a coaster at 7 Monks, now it's the bartenders turn.
Our Craft Beer Guest is the owner of American Brewers Inc. and his name is Mark Cataldo. American Brewers Ink is not operational right now but they have plenty of beer, and mead being stocked up for their grand opening which will be called the "Release the Beast Party." They are located in Kalamazoo and we encourage you to look them up and keep an eye our for their release. 
One of our loyal listeners Kent Noller of Food Baby Food Truck joins the show and he is currently in an Indie GoGo campaign to raise money after being shafted by a Food Truck Builder. You can check out his campaign here and we hope you give a little donation to help him pursue his dream or running a Food Truck. Check out his campaign here
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Left Hand Good Juju

April 22, 2015

This is a short episode dedicated to our 7 Monks Taproom Brew 4 The Crew, and Drink My Brewcast Beer Trivia sponsored by North Peak Brewing Company. 

Our Brew 4 The Crew is the Left Hand Brewing Company "Good JuJu" which is currently on tap at 7 Monks Taproom. If you head into 7 Monks and ask for the "Brew 4 The Crew" you will receive a featured beer along with a ratings coaster. Fill out the coaster, leave us a few comments and we'll read them on the air. 
Next weeks Brew 4 The Crew will be the "Old Friends Pale Ale" from Beggars Brewery here in Traverse City. 
Drink My Brewcast trivia is brought to you by North Peak Brewing Company and this week a $25 gift card to North Peak is up for grabs but you have to listen to the show in order to participate! It's a great questions and if you're an avid listener of the show you should know what the answer is. 
Thanks for listening craft beer lovers!
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100th EPISODE! with Adam Harden

April 15, 2015

Well we made it, a lot further than most but there's still a long way to go. Welcome to the 100th episode of the Drink My Brewcast Show brought to you by North Peaking Brewing Company, The Jolly Pumpkin, Bastone Brewery, and 7 Monks Taproom.
Our 7 Monks Brew 4 The Crew is the Alaskan Amber from Alaska Brewing Company. This beer received some great reviews from those who tried it at 7 monks over the past week. The Alaskan Amber is an Alt Style Beer and it's been a while since an Amber has been on stage so we're excited to give it a try.

Our guest on the show is Adam Harden and he is the head brewer at Clam Lake Brewing Company in Cadillac, MI. Adam joins the show via Skype and gives us a feel for his brewpub which features 40 craft beers on tap, artisan pizzas, delicious angus burgers and much more. Located at 106 S. Mitchell St in downtown Cadillac. We appreciate Adam coming on the show and hope to make it down to visit him and taste his beers soon.

In our 3rd segment we dig into the archives and play a game called "Who Said What?" Infamous quotes from Los Bob, Shauny Boy, Carly Rainbow Anderson, Centurion, and Moranimal. Jonny "The Wolf" Tonga joins in on the game while Moranimal gets back behind the board and destroys things.

Bob digs into Craft Brew News and Carly gives us a new "Cuisine" in the 4th segment.

Our music in this episode is from the band Vulfpeck that hails from Ann Arbor, and Los Angeles and they are tearing it up on YouTube right now. They'll also be performing at the Short's 11 year Anni Party going on in downtown Bellaire, MI. Performances include Vulfpeck, The Accidentals, and another favorite of DMB Greensky Bluegrass. You'll hear their songs "1612" and "Adrienne and Adrianne", THANKS TO VULFPECK for the great music.

Summer is just around the corner and that can mean only one thing, North Peak's "Members Only Brew Club Party" on the deck! All brew club members 21 and up, please join us on May 16th from 12pm to 4pm for .50 cent drafts and $1.00 cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Come kick off the summer with us hear at North Peak Brewing Company, where good times are measured in pints!

If you have any questions or comments about the Drink My Brewcast show, please email us at

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Award Winning Homebrewer Chuck Green

April 8, 2015

We're back in the studio from our Kalamazoo road trip and talking craft beer with homebrewer Chuck Green. Chuck was the 2015 Winter Microbrew and Music Festival Peoples Choice Winner and we are extremely excited to have him on the show because he's a great brewer, but a better dude.

Drink My Brewcast is made possible by North Peak Brewing Company, and The Jolly Pumpkin in Traverse City, MI. The Jolly Pumpkin is releasing a brand new beer this month called "La Roja Du Kriek" which means "with cherries." Brewmaster Ron Jefferies combined 3,100 gallons of 2013 La Roja and 50 gallons of Michigan Tart Cherries creating a delicious combination of sour and tart joie de vivre. Make sure you check out for more information about this exciting new release.

Our Brew 4 The Crew with 7 Monks Taproom segment highlights the Saison du Stormcloud from Stormcloud Brewing in Frankfort. The beer gets great reviews not only from our crew but from about 30 participants who filled out their rating cards at 7 Monks. Just a great beer and highly recommended.

Chuck Green sticks around and joins us for our third segment as well full of Brew News, and Carly's Cuisine. We would like to thank our Sponsors, 7 Monks Taproom, North Peak Brewing Company, and The Jolly Pumpkin for making this show possible and we looking forward to more great content promoting the craft beer industry across the U.S. Thanks for listening good people!

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Greenbush Indispensable IPA

March 26, 2015

Were coming to you from 7 Monks Taproom in downtown Traverse City for a short Brew 4 The Crew episode with general manager of 7 Monks, Jason Kasdorf. 7 Monks will always have the Brew 4 The Crew beer on tap every Tuesday night you'll be able to rate the beer by writing your score on a special coaster. We'll tally up your score and comments and talk about the reviews on air.

Our Brew 4 The Crew in this episode is the Greenbush Indispensable IPA. Greenbush brewing is out of Sawyer, Michigan and they are brewing up some tasty craft beers.

We're stoked to be partnering with 7 Monks on this segment and can't wait to see what our listeners are tasting. Everyone's pallet is different so were always interested in hearing the comments on our Brew 4 The Crew Selections. Please email us at if you have any questions or are looking for more Michigan Craft Beer information.

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David Zuckerman of Boulder Beer Company

March 18, 2015

Welcome to a Colorado themed episode of Drink My Brewcast! The Craft Beer podcast where three head bartenders in Traverse City, Michigan, sit down to talk about the craft beer industry with brewers, owners, and all hard working people in the craft beer industry.

Drink My Brewcast is made possible by North Peak Brewing Company, established in 1997 making it one of the first craft breweries in Northern Michigan. This family friendly brewery is home to the award winning Diabolical IPA. Stop in and see us for a handcrafted beer and great food. Located in downtown Traverse City on the corner of Front St. and Hall St. Check out their restaurant website at, and learn more about their beers at

In this episode we kick of our new partnership with 7 Monks Taproom in Traverse City on the Brew 4 The Crew Segment. General Manager of 7 Monks Jason Kasdorf joins us in studio to rate the Boulder Beer Slope Style Winter IPA and we also bring in the highly acclaimed head brewer of Boulder Beer Company David Zuckerman. David's been the brewer at Boulder Beer Company since 1990 and is one of the longest tenured and respected brewers in America. He gives us some great insight on the momentum of the craft beer community and we are honored to have him on the show.

Make sure you stop into 7 Monks Taproom and try out the next Brew 4 The Crew beer selection. Ask for this weeks "Brew 4 The Crew Beer" and the staff will give you a coaster that will guide you in rating that specific beer. Once you rate the beer, hand the coaster back into a 7 Monks staff member and we will read your rating on the show.

Feel free with any suggestions or feedback you might have at and feel free to check out our website at CHEERS!

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