The Imprerial Beverage Show!


Bob and Centurion were at the Imperial Beverage Show representing their respective places of employment and the Drink My Brewcast show. So it was great to have The Centurion on the show filling in for Shauny Boy this week. Carly is back with some great segments on food and ordering microbrews in foreign countries.

More show notes will be up very shortly

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Northern Natural Cider House Pt 2


For the second part of episode 59 we decided to keep challenging our taste buds after an uninspired effort in last weeks IPA challenge. So we brought out the Jelly Beans. Of course we have some beer flavored jelly beans but we also have a few standards and a few jelly beans that were absolutely disgusting.

Our segments are strong in this show with a new Tip of the Week from Carly, a strong Growl from Shauny, and Bob reviews the first round of the beer bracket. We hope you enjoy this episode of Drink My Brewcast and remember if you have any comments or questions or just want to throw us a bone. Email us at

We appreciate you listening!

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Northern Natural Cider House Pt 1


We had the pleasure of having Kyle and Jen Mackey of Northern Natural Cider House and Winery in studio. We are a little behind on knowledge of the Cider boom here in Michigan so we were lucky to have them educate us on not just hard cider but apple farming as well. We hope you enjoy this interview and more info will be coming added to these show notes soon.

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The IPA Challenge


Well hello there and welcome to another episode of Drink My Brewcast. Specifically episode number 58, and we decided to give ourselves a little challenge. We took five very popular IPA's from some of our favorite Michigan breweries. They are the Huma Lupa Licious from Short's Brewing Company, Two Hearted Ale from Bell's, All Day IPA from Founders, Citra Pale Ale from Oddside, and another Short's beer the Controversiale. It was a mightly challenge and you'll be very surprised by who wins.

All of our segments return and we even welcome back Carly's Tip of the Week.

Our brew for the crew this show is the Norm's Raggedy Ass IPA from Griffin Claw Brewing Company in Birmingham, Michigan. It's a damn good IPA and the first Griffin Claw beer we have reviewed.

Thank You all for giving us an ear, and if you have any questions, comments, smart ass comments, please email us at

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Stormcloud Brewing Company


The crew travels to Frankfort, MI to visit with owners Brian Confer and Rick Schmitt of Stormcloud Brewing Company. Stormcloud has a huge buzz behind it throughout Michigan and their beers and hospitality live up the hype. The crew had an amazing experience touring the brewery and trying out tons of tasty beverages.

Our brew for the crew in this episode is the Christmas Ale from Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, CA.

You can check out our new trivia video sponsored by North Peak Brewing Company here

Drink My Brewcast Trivia

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St. Pattys Day Special


We are talking events locally in Traverse City for the St Pattys Day weekend and there is a lot going on. The crew breaks down whats going on at their bars individually and then throughout Northern Michigan events wise.

Segments featured in this episode are

Los Bob's Happy Hour Hangout
Shauny Boy's Growl of the Week
and Carly's Cuisine


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Brewery Ferment’s Dustin Jones Unleashed


Welcome to another episode of Drink My Brewcast. We bring in the legendary Dustin Jones co-owner and head brewer of Brewery Ferment in Traverse City, MI. 

Our Brew for the Crew is the Dark Horse Reserve Special Black Ale from Dark Horse Brewing Company in Marshall, MI.
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Suds N Snow 2014


This show covers events going on through out the state of Michigan in the month of March. We are also including the segments of Carly's Cuisine, Shauny Boy's Growl of the Week, and Los Bob's Happy Hour hang out in the events episodes. We'd love to hear your feedback on the new show format. We've made these changes due to the request of our listeners and are always willing to give new idea's a try. You can always email us your opinion at

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2014 Beer Bracket w/ 2013 Winner Phil Scott


Welcome to episode 53 of the Drink My Brewcast show. We bring in Phil Scott who is the assistant brewer to our friend Dave Hale over at North Peak Brewing Company in Traverse City. Phil won the 2013 Drink My Brewcast Microbrew Beer Bracket and so we thought it was a good idea to bring him in studio to talk about the upcoming beer bracket which has been increased from 16 teams to 32.

You can download the beer bracket at

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Michigan Hop Alliance w/Brian Tennis & Joel Mulder


We've got a hole bunch of new features to be added to the Drink My Brewcast show. We are adding some new segments and theme songs, cutting down the weekly show into two separate episodes. We kick off our new venture with a great interview with Brian Tennis and Joel Mulder from the Michigan Hop Alliance. They gave us an education on the business of Hops and why the Michigan hop business is on the rise! We encourage you to check out their website at

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Brewers Dinner at Grand Traverse Resort!


We were invited to come out and get some interviews at the Winter Microbrew and Music Festival's Brewers Dinner run by Katrina Jenkins and hosted by Fred Bueltmann co-owner of New Holland Brewing Company and auther of the "Beervangelist's Guide to the Galaxy: A Philosophy of Food & Drink.

We got a lot of great interviews from this night. It was recorded on Friday February 7th at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. Show notes will be up very soon and we will have a detailed list of all the interviews.

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50th Episode Short’s Brewing Company


Well it's time to celebrate. We made it to 50! that's a big deal considering all we have been through in the last year. We really appreciate the support of our listeners and fans. We took the day to do something some of us have never gotten the chance to do. Head to Bellaire and visit The Short's Brewing Company Brew Pub. Before we got to Bellaire we swung over to Elk Rapids to check out the productions facility where we got a chance to sit down with Matt Gacioch, Pauline Knighton, and Tyler Glaze who you can here on the new podcast...Short's Cast!
Road trips get out of hand especially when it's just after Shauny's Birthday.
Our Brew for the Crew is the Minds Eye IPA from Petoskey Brewing Company. You can find Petoskey Brewing Company beers at The Beverage Company in Traverse City.

Thanks for listening good people!

Eat Drink TC’s Andy Mcfarlane


We have a very special make up episode of Drink My Brewcast before we actually release our 50th show. Andy Mcfarlane joins us from Eat Drink TC and gives us a ton of great info on what is going on in the culinary scene and craft beer scene in Traverse City, MI. He has also been a very outspoken voice in the community in support of festivals and events in Traverse City.

We highly recommend you check out the website, we us it on a daily basis and thanks to Andy we will be conducting a podcast on Saturday February 15th at the Winter Comedy Festival!

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Seven Monks Taproom!


That's right Drink My Brewcast listeners, we are excited to bring in the owners of Seven Monks Taproom and the Low Bar into the studio for our 49th Episode. We had a great time with these guys and what their establishment has done for the beer scene and Traverse City in general has been phenomenal!

Brew News - 6:15
Brew 4 the Crew - 11:30
Music (Sinking Faster - AOK Music) - 25:40
Interview (7 Monks) - 27:09
Music (Blueberry Skies) - 40:53
Interview Continued - 43:58
Music (Higher Ground) - 64:22
Happy Hour Hangout - 1:05:00
Carly's Cuisine - 1:06:54
Stumbles - 1:08:47
Shauny's Growl - 1:18:14

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Don’t fall Asleep at the Bar


We are excited to bring your our 48th episode of Drink My Brewcast. Show notes for this show will be up soon!

Brew News: 3:17
Brew 4 the Crew: 9:00
Bring Out Your Dead, Green Sky Blue Grass: 22:17
Stumbles: 23:18
Los Bob's Happy Hour: 37:23
Shauny Boy's Growl: 42:55
Carly's Cousine: 48:20
Circles, Stolen Silver: 51:02
Upcoming Events: 51:45

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