Tom Payne of 57 Brewpub & Bistro

February 3, 2016

This is a long...long...episode but a damn good one.

More show notes coming... in the mean time 
Enjoy the show, we all learned a lot
Tom Payne head brewer at 57 Brewpub & Bistro is a man we would all like to share a beer with. 
Jason Kasdorf is the master at picking out beers for Brew 4 The Crews, go into 7 Monks Taproom and ask for the Brew 4 The Crew! They will take care of you
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The Inaugural Traverse City Stout Challenge

January 28, 2016

Drink My Brewcast dedicates an episode to Stouts and education. Shauny Boy takes the week off and Kent Noller from Food Baby Food Trucks fills his chair so he can learn a little more about craft beer. We talk about a wide variety of things from the inaugural TC Stout Challenge taking place at The Little Fleet in Traverse City, to the recent release of Hop Slam in cans. 

This Podcast is made possible by The Jolly Pumpkin out on the Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City. 
Our 7 Monks Taproom "Brew for the Crew" is the Short's Swirl Stout which is currently on draft, and  our bottle release is the Dieu Du Ciel Peche Mortel Imperial Stout which rocks everyones world on the show. We appreciate everyone coming into 7 Monks Taproom and filling out their brew for the crew coasters. Your comments are awesome, hilarious, and sometimes very hard to read, but we love you for it!

Dan Hain of Fetch Brewing Company

January 20, 2016
After a nasty storm last week the crew got their lives back together and found themselves back in the studio for episode number 133. We're joined by co-host Chuck Green who is a member of the Northern Michigan Home Brewers Guild and he's also a hell of a pilot. 
Our Brew 4 The Crew sponsored by 7 Monks Taproom in downtown Traverse City and we're cranking it up a few notches because from here on out we'll be recording two beers on the show. One draft, and one bottled craft beer selected by Jason Kasdorf of 7 Monks Taproom. So stop into 7 Monks and ask for the "Brew 4 The Crew" and you'll receive a fancy Drink My Brewcast coaster that allows you to rate the beer as well. If we can actually decipher what your coaster says we'll read it on the show!
So we review the Founders Azacca IPA which is on draft, and well as the Forgas, which is a Scandinavian Gose Style Ale. Two fantastic beers that get great ratings and opinions from 7 Monks customers and these beers impress the crew as well. 
Drink My Brewcast is made possible by the Jolly Pumpkin on Old Mission Peninsula. One of the best drives you can make in Northern Michigan is up the peninsula to enjoy some of the best sour ales in the world, paired with some of the best food the area has to offer. Check out their location at 
Our guest on the show is Dan Hain who is the owner, and head brewer of Fetch Brewing Company in White Hall, Michigan. We don't know a lot about the small town of White Hall but it seems to be the perfect spot for a craft brewery. Dan gives us a history of the town and the building he and his wife set up operations in. They've got a ton of weekly events happening and the beer is getting great reviews from all across the state. Check them out a
We go on a rant and rave about a few things in our last segment during brew news. This time the dudes get in an argument about crawlers and speculate on a variety of topics in the craft brewing community. Shout out to who's been writing some fantastic articles lately. We highly recommend you read "When Breweries sue Breweries, fans think they're dicks. (Even when it's legit)" It's a great read and highly recommend you follow that blog. We don't know them we swear, we're just fans. 
Until next time craft beer enthusiasts, fill it to the brim and drink it to the drags, we appreciate you listening to Drink My Brewcast...CHEERS!
Search: Northern Michigan Home Brewers Guild on Facebook. 

Oddside, Rare Bird, and DMB Bring In 2016

January 6, 2016

Drink My Brewcast is back in 2016 for it's fourth year of podcasting in this great galaxy. We bring in co-host Brian Roche, head bartender at Rare Bird Brewpub, and we talk to Andrew Donaldson and Josh Gordon head brewer of Oddside Ales. 

Drink My Brewcast is made possible by The Jolly Pumpkin, 7 Monks Taproom, North Peak Brewing Company, Bastone Brewery, TC Ale Trail, TC Brewbus, and the Suds and Snow Craft Beer Festival. 

12 Beers of 2016!

December 15, 2015

This episode is packed with madness and guests. Home Brewer Ryan Rockafellow stops in and gives a sample of his brews as well as co-owner of 7 Monks Taproom Matt Cozzens, and General Manager of 7 Monks Taproom Jason Kasdorf join the show to round out the studio side of 2016. We realize that we are behind on show notes but should have all shows up to date with links by Wednesday night, we blame Bob for this setback, simply because he loves fantasy football way too much. 

Thanks to the WOLF Jonny Tornga for putting this beast of an episode together for us!

Dave Ringler of Cedar Springs Brewing Co.

December 9, 2015

Dave Hale of North Peak is back!

November 24, 2015, and

Show notes coming soon!

Justin Riopelle of Detroit Beer Co.

November 17, 2015
Drink My Brewcast brings you an action packed episode starring Los Bob, Shauny Boy, Moranimal, and The Wolf! 
This episode is made possible due the support of North Peaking Brewing Company in beautiful downtown Traverse City. North Peak has just released it's Festivus Ale appropriately named Blitzen. Blitzen has a complex malt characteristic and Michigan Chinook and Cascade hops. The Rye malt provides a crisp spiciness for a well-balanced, rich Festivus Ale. 
We start of the show giving Los Bob a few jabs about his Green Bay Packers losing to the Lions at Lambeu Field for the first time since 1991. Shauny boy takes a hard fall on a bike ride with his wife, and gets the biz from his mechanic. 
The crew dives into the Brew for the Crew, which is made possible and always on tap down at 7 Monks Taproom in Traverse City. The Brew for the Crew this week is the Lagunitas Gravenstine, which is an Apple-esque beer. We recommend you check out this beer on the info on the Lagunitas website because we have yet to figure this one out. It has been called an IPA by many and we've never heard the term Apple-esque before...oh well. 
We have a great opportunity to talk to Justin Riopelle who worked his way up from assistant brewer to head brewmaster at Detroit Beer Company. Justin is a Michigan State grad, who's brewing some great beer down at Detroit Beer Co, which is located off of Broadway right down the block from Comerica Park, and Ford Field. If you're in the Detroit area make sure you stop into Detroit Beer Company and try a few craft beers.


The Chocolate Bach AKA “Poop Your Pants”

November 10, 2015

Yup that's the name of the beer "Poop Your Pants" from Perrin Brewing Company. Right now it goes by the alias The Chocolate Bach which is classier but it's gaining attention across the state for it's original name. The thing is the beer is damn good, it's unique and it's our 7 Monks Taproom Brew For The Crew today. 

It's fitting with a title like this that Jacob Lee Miller makes his radio debut. Thats right Los Bob's little guy joins us in the studio and chimes in once in awhile...infact...he doesn't just chime in, he straight up goes for Bob's jugular. It's a shorter show but a worthy one and we hope you enjoy. Cheers!

What’cha What’cha What’cha Want with 7 Monks

October 28, 2015

We're reviewing What'cha What'cha What'cha Want the 4 year Anniversary brew that Short's Brewing Company brews to celebrate one of the best tap rooms in America, 7 Monks Taproom.  


Steve & Drew Lutke of Hop Lot Brewing Co.

October 20, 2015

The crew takes a road trip up to Sutton's Bay to talk to the owners of the Hop Lot Brewing Company in Sutton's Bay, MI. They talk about their first summer of business and much more... More show notes and links coming soon!


Rockne Van Meter of Bastone Brewery

October 14, 2015

We come back from a week off with a bang and interview Rockne Van Meter of Bastone Brewpub in Royal Oak, MI. Jason Kasdorf from 7 Monks Taproom fills in for Moranimal. Speaking of 7 Monks who sponsors our Brew For The Crew, Jason, Los Bob, and Shauny Boy review the Pomegalactic Pale from Beard's Brewery. Beard's has been growing significantly over the last year and just finished building a production facility in Charlevoix. The beer grabs a great rating from the crew and Shaun gets about a thousands lip smacks in there as well. 

Our interview is with Rockne Van Meter who is a the head brewmaster at Bastone Brewery in Royal Oak which racked up the awards at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival.

Congrats To All Michigan GABF WINNERS!

September 29, 2015

Welcome back to another riveting episode of the Drink My Brewcast show, the show that celebrates craft beer every single day; and today...we try some damn good ones. Leading off with our 7 Monks Taproom Brew For The Crew is the Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest and it's good, but does it rival last weeks Spaten Oktoberfest? It puts up a damn good fight.

The crew reviews the past week of events in Northern Michigan and Moranimal breaks down the Oktoberfest event at The Little Fleet which was AMAZING!!! Bob has a night out gone really weird, and Shauny's son Cash clashes with a recycling bag. 
The next beer we bring out is the Short's Sticky Icky Icky, which is a west coast style IPA with citrus, clementine, and apricot flavors. We want to congratulate all of the Michigan Breweries who medaled at The Great American Beer Festival this past weekend! Those winners are listed below and it's good to see Michigan well represented. 
Founders Brewing Co. wins a gold medal for reDANKulous
Short's Brewing Company wins a silver medal for Melt My Brain
Arcadia Brewing Company wins a silver medal for India Pale Ale
Rivers Edge Brewing Co. wins silver medal for Dubbel Entendre
Right Brain Brewery wins a silver medal for Concrete Dinosaur
Rockford Brewing Company wins a bronze medal for Rogue River Brown 
Hit us up at and tell us what you've been drinking recently, new breweries you've visited, and sleeper finds available all across the mid-west. 

Evan Keller of Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company

September 22, 2015

It's time we get back in the studio and today we are talking to the head brewer up at Charlevoix Brewing Company Evan Keller. Before we dive into that we'd like to thank the Jolly Pumpkin for supporting the show. They've just released a special new sour called the Ursae Majoris which is an Oud Bruin Ale. There are a ton of events going on at the Jolly Pumpkin on the Old Mission Peninsula this fall including Pumpkin Fest so make sure you keep an eye on

Our Brew For the Crew is the Spaten Oktoberfest which is another outstanding beer Jason Kasdorf 7 Monks Taproom picked out for us. We've been on a role with high ranking beers and this one is no exception. One of the crew gives it another 100. 
Evan Keller was a home brewer and is now the head brewer at Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company up in the beautiful town of Charlevoix. It's Charlevoix's first brewpub and is owned by the same owners who opened the Bridge Street Taproom. Evan lives in Traverse City and communities back and forth and still finds time to work events like Paddle For Pints and Suds and Snow. If you're headed through Charlevoix on the old M-31 make sure you stop into Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company and try beers like the Double Cookie Stout. 
There is no shortage of events in the craft beer world this week and Los Bob gives us the goods in his brew news segment. If you're attending any of the fine festivals or Oktoberfest events going on in the great state Michigan this month, make sure you tag us in your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post and we'll send you something cool! We appreciate you all listening and leaving ratings and reviews on iTunes! 

Scott Cain of Northport Brewing Co.

September 16, 2015

It's time to hit the road again and we are headed north to Northport, Michigan to visit Northport Brewing Company where we talk to Scott Cain co-founder of Northport Brewing Company. We get to sit out on their beautiful patio and talk about the summer that was and all the great beer coming out of Northport. They just celebrated their first year of business and their beer keeps getting better and better. 

Our 7 Monks Taproom Brew for the Crew is almost to famous for the show. In honor of Bell's 30th year Anniversary we are breaking down Two Hearted. It's been voted the best IPA in America by numerous beer publications and the crew rates it to see if it lives up to it's reputation. 
There are are a ton of great beer events happening across the great state of Michigan and we hope you shoot us and email at and let us know where and what you've attended. Be safe out there craft beer enthusiasts...we need you!